Backpack, ruckpack, bookbag, A Calvin Klein backpack stereo speaker.

Dusty Vent

A dirty vent.


Bananas. No copyright image.

Green Grapes

Green grapes. Free stock photos.

Cat Food

Dry hard cat food.

Crane Pics (Bird)

Crane. Free image, public domain.

Crane in Park

Water fowel, crane, bird, Victoria Park Kitchener.

A Crane, Bird

A crane in Kitchener's Victoria Park.

Montreal Expos Logo

A baseball hat with the old Montreal Expos logo.

Mountain Bike

A Nishiki Bushwacker. The original mountain bike. Steel frame: It's heavy!

Barra #4

Barra Castle apartment building. Free images.

Barra #3

An upscale place to live, Barra castle detiorated to a slum.

Barra #2

A Victoria Park heritage site, Barra castle was built in 1930.

Barra Castle: The white castle by Victoria Park

Barra Castle on Queen street in Kitchener. Free image.

Catholic Church

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate located in Guelph, Ontario.

Lamb of God

Catholic church ICON lamb GOD Christian GUELPH

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate


Highschool HIGH SCHOOL hall STEPS free stock photo images

La Fin du Monde

Quebec beer, La Fin du Monde, beer bottle. Free pub domain pic

Winter Street

SNOW driving BLIZZARD dangerous COLD winter NO COPYRIGHT free

A Creation Museum

A creation museum. These are popping up all over America. Free picture.

Mercury Monarch


American Motors Rambler

car AMC stock RAMBLER american 1960's auto PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTO

Pedestrian Tunnel

A dark, dank pedestrian tunnel marked with graffiti. Public domain images.

Grain Elevator

This is a picture of a grain elevator located near Breslau, Ontario.

Ouija Board

Teenaged mysticism gone wrong. Found the board, too. Dumped in a field.

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